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Starting again in Spain

Rob Ashby The Spanish Obsessive Travel and Culture Meet Mick. Mick did what many people dream of, and left England to start a new life in Valencia, Spain. Being old friends from Valencia, we went to visit Mick and his...
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A (very short) linguistic history of Spanish

Every language has evolved other languages, and Spanish is no exception. From its roots as a Vulgar Latin dialect in Castilla to its current status as a global language, Spanish has been heavily influenced throughout its history by many other languages. Modern-day Spanish is a fascinating reflection of a multitude cultures and histories, from ancient Greek to English (and even Hungarian!).

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Spanish Phrases for Tourists

So you’re off to a Spanish speaking country? Lucky you! Make sure you pack some sun-cream, plenty of towels, and our guide to Spanish phrases for tourists! We’ve no idea what you’ll be doing of course, but hopefully you can find a use for our fine collection of phrases below.

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An Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Music

While I can’t claim to be an authority on Spanish music, I’ve listened to a large amount of it over time and have heard enough to sort the wheat from the chaff (and there is a lot of chaff). I also won’t claim that this is in any way a definitive list (for all you purists out there!), but does provide genuinely decent music, and hopefully will act as a gateway, indeed an introduction, to Spanish and Latin American music

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