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Our experiences travelling around the Spanish speaking world and breathing in its culture.

Celebrating Cervantes

Forensic scientists believe they have found the tomb of Cervantes, nearly 400 years after his death. According to a BBC article, the celebrated author of Don Quixote was found buried with his wife, although they say they will have a...
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Spanish Phrases for Tourists

So you’re off to a Spanish speaking country? Lucky you! Make sure you pack some sun-cream, plenty of towels, and our guide to Spanish phrases for tourists! We’ve no idea what you’ll be doing of course, but hopefully you can find a use for our fine collection of phrases below.

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Why you should join an intercambio

How do you practise Spanish? Do you practise in a class, with a Spanish friend, when you go to Spain? Or, perhaps, you don’t actually practise at all… Getting Spanish practice (AKA talking!) is crucial – it’s the reason we learn Spanish, and it has no substitute. Yet many of us struggle to actually use the language we spend so long studying. One solution is the “intercambio”, where speakers of both languages come together to practise each other’s language.

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8 reasons why learning a language is like learning an instrument

Aside from language, one of my (Rob) principal joys is of playing the piano. Having started at six years old, music has consistently been a part of my life since then. It wasn’t easy to learn, and I feel that I’m still learning and will do as long as I continue playing. I don’t believe there’s any point of perfection whereby you can learn no more, which is what makes the whole process so enjoyable. When I started learning Spanish, I saw various parallels between learning language and learning music, with a broad overlap in necessary skill-sets.

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An Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Music

While I can’t claim to be an authority on Spanish music, I’ve listened to a large amount of it over time and have heard enough to sort the wheat from the chaff (and there is a lot of chaff). I also won’t claim that this is in any way a definitive list (for all you purists out there!), but does provide genuinely decent music, and hopefully will act as a gateway, indeed an introduction, to Spanish and Latin American music

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