Spanish Courses

Learn real-world Spanish with our podcast and audio courses

Spanish from Scratch

Learn the absolute basics of Spanish in this fun, communicative course for complete beginners.

Beginners Spanish

Learn how to communicate in common situations, and arm yourself with the phrases you’ll need to communicate effectively. We’ll cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other language points as we go.

Vocabulary Power

The easiest, quickest way to boost your Spanish vocabulary. Learn how Spanish vocabulary works, and practise with recordings, interactive quizzes and tests, and accompanying notes.

Intermediate series 1

Engaging, natural, slow-paced Spanish conversation. If you’ve covered the basics, but still struggle with full-speed conversation, try this course out!

Intermediate series 2: Journey to Comprehension

Natural, comprehensible Spanish, with upgraded transcriptions and interaction. Improve your Spanish effortlessly through engaging conversations, that are the right pace for you.

Perfect Pronunciation

All the tools you need to build a great Spanish accent. Learn the nuts and bolts of Spanish pronunciation, starting from individual sounds, and working up to complete phrases. We think this is the most comprehensive Spanish pronunciation course you can get right now…

Advanced Series 1

Authentic Spanish conversation, featuring guests from around the Spanish speaking world. Hear Spanish as it’s spoken today from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, and other countries.

Advanced Spanish 2: Voces Latinas

Discover different cultures and lives around the Spanish speaking world, and hear native Spanish as it’s really spoken.

Puntos de Vista

Weekly podcast examining current events and news. Each week we discuss an article, give our punto de vista, and then give you some of our favourite language and interesting vocabulary.

Get the most out of our Spanish Audio Lessons

Are these podcasts free?

We have a range of both free and paid audio courses. In the free courses, you can listen to the audio for all episodes for free, and purchase additional materials including transcriptions, translations, notes, exercises, and more. You can check this out in the first few episodes for a taster.

Our premium courses are available as standalone purchases, or as part of a gold membership. You can access selected chapters from premium courses as a taster.

How should I use the courses?

There is no one, correct answer! It’s a good idea to fit the courses around your lifestyle. It’s also good to commit to a daily routine, no matter how short it is. Here are some ideas, from how our current students use our podcasts:

  1. Listen through the whole course
  2. Listen to individual episodes (“gist” listening)
  3. Listen to individual episodes again, following along the transcript. Check the translation for words and phrases you are unfamiliar with (intermediate and advanced only).
  4. Use the links within the episodes to skip the audio forwards and backwards (“careful” listening)

Most importantly, though, enjoy! We’ve designed our material to be as engaging and entertaining as we can, and as you listen through the series you’ll get to know us well.

Are you still adding new material?

For existing courses, we are not adding new episodes. However, we are adding entirely new courses. We release new Spanish courses every 2-3 months, which are a mixture of premium and free. Our latest release is Intermediate series 2: “Journey to Comprehension”.