Free Spanish courses

Free Spanish podcasts. Transcriptions, vocabulary, and exercises can be purchased.

Premium Spanish courses

Courses which require a paid membership. Each course has sample lessons available for free.

Using Spanish Obsessed

Spanish Podcasts

How do the audio lessons work?

Each lesson (or podcast) contains various sections:

  • Spanish audio, ranging from 10-25 minutes
  • Audio transcription
  • Translation, if applicable
  • Review and vocabulary notes, if applicable
  • Exercises, based on key grammar and vocabulary from the audio

Spanish course questions

Are these podcasts free?

The audio section for each lesson is free, but all other accompanying materials require a paid membership.

How often do you add new materials?

We aim to add around one Spanish lesson per level, per week. However, there are no guarantees around this and there are periods of time when we do not add materials.