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Spanish from Scratch

  • 24 episodes
  • Free
  • Complete beginners

If your knowledge of Spanish extends no further than hola, you probably want to start here!

We’ll take you from a complete beginner and give you the basics in enjoyable, bite-sized chunks. The emphasis is on effective real-world communication from the very first episode. We’ll get you comfortable in the most common situations you’ll find yourself in as quickly as possible – from ordering another coffee, to apologising in a native-like way, and much, much more.

This Spanish podcast course is structured, meaning that you should start at the beginning and work your way through without missing an episode. Each episode builds on what you have learned in the previous episodes. Although this is a beginners course, you won’t find vocabulary lists of animals and colours to learn here! You’ll learn vocabulary and phrases that you can actually use, in real-life situations, from episode 1.

The audio from each podcast is free, and as a free member you can gain access to additional materials for the first five episodes. To view additional materials for all podcasts, check out our memberships.

See the course overview, or jump into individual episodes below:

Spanish from Scratch episodes

Perfect Pronunciation

  • 40+ lessons, split over 3 modules (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Premium (available as standalone purchase or part of Gold membership)
  • Complete beginners – advanced

We’re obsessed with getting pronunciation right from day one.

It’s incredibly important to focus on correct pronunciation from the start. This will ensure you can be understood (ever had that confused look from a waiter when you try and order something in Spanish? Annoying, isn’t it…!), and, more importantly, will help you avoid bad habits as you progress in Spanish.

Perfect Pronunciation starts the most basic building blocks of Spanish pronunciation: the individual sounds, and develops your ability to pronounce vowels, consonants, words, and full sentences. We’ll help you the whole way, with tons of exercises and drills where most needed (rolled r, anyone?), while avoiding the pitfalls and common tell-tale mistakes that frequently give non-native Spanish speakers away.

It’s a mixed format of articles and audio recordings, with explanations of key concepts and audio drills.

This course is available for purchase, or to gold members. You can view some of the modules below (you’ll need to sign in to your free account to access these), or check out the overview

Perfect Pronunciation episodes

Beginners Spanish

  • 18 podcasts (and growing…)
  • Free
  • Complete beginners – pre-intermediate

Another beginners Spanish podcast course? These podcasts examine typical situations you might find yourself in, and arm you with the phrases you’ll need to communicate effectively. We’ll cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other language points as we go. This is an unstructured course, meaning that you don’t need to follow the episodes in order (although you can if you want). Each episode is self-contained, and does not have any pre-requisites.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to get by in a number of situations in Spanish, and even pick up some slang and local lingo – you’ll be sure to impress the locals.

See the course overview, or check out individual episodes below:

Beginners Spanish episodes

Vocabulary Power

  • 100+ lessons, 10+ hours of audio
  • Premium (available as standalone purchase or part of Gold membership)
  • Beginner – intermediate
I’m pretty good at grammar, my comprehension isn’t bad, but I just don’t have enough vocabulary to express myself! – Most Spanish learners, at some point…

Expanding your vocabulary is a life-long challenge for a serious Spanish learner. Luckily, there are shortcuts and hacks that you can take to cheat your way to a dramatically larger vocabulary – and it won’t take a lifetime.

Vocabulary Power starts with what you know, and shows how you can quickly convert a large part of your English vocabulary straight into Spanish. You won’t just learn Spanish vocabulary, you’ll learn how Spanish vocabulary works.

If you’ve struggled to express yourself because of limited vocabulary, this is the course for you.

This course is available for individual purchase or as part of a gold membership. Free members can check out some of the modules below (make sure you have logged in):

Vocabulary Power Episodes

Intermediate Spanish

  • 30 podcasts
  • Free
  • Intermediate
“I could understand them, if only they didn’t speak so fast” – Every Spanish learner at some point…

If you’ve listened to full-blown native Spanish conversations, you may have been discouraged – they can be extremely tough for Spanish learners to follow.

Our intermediate Spanish podcast course provides slow, easy-to-digest Spanish conversation, but is completely unscripted. Rob and Lis chat about everyday topics, using common vocabulary and language structures so that you can practise your Spanish comprehension.

This is perfect for you if you’ve tried “native” Spanish materials but got discouraged. It will be a challenge, but we speak slowly enough for you to understand, while staying genuine, natural, and completely authentic.

We don’t use a script, which means Rob makes the occasional mistake. Whenever that happens, Lis corrects him. If you’re a native English speaker, you may find yourself making the same errors – and you may or may not have realised it!

Each episode comes with a full transcript and translation, and comprehension exercises for you to check your understanding. As with all courses, as a free member you can access all of this for the first 5 episodes. Gold and premium members get full access.

See the course overview, or check out individual episodes below:

Intermediate Spanish Episodes

Advanced Spanish

  • 30 podcasts
  • Free
  • Intermediate

In this course, we don’t hold back!

These episodes are in 100% Spanish, often between native Spanish speakers (ie, no Rob!). We discuss a wide range of interesting, complex, sometimes painful topics, and meet friends from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Dip your toes into accents from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Spain. Hear the stories of Latinos living around the world, and immerse yourself in their culture.

As we go, you’ll hear the language as it’s really spoken around today, and you’ll hear what Spanish speakers are really thinking and feeling about their world.

Each episode comes with a full transcript and translation, alongside exercises and language notes where we pick out interesting phrases and local slang. As with all our podcast courses, as a free member you can access all of this for the first 5 episodes. Gold and premium members get full access.

See the course overview, or check out individual episodes below:

Advanced Spanish Episodes