Spanish from Scratch

Completely new to Spanish? Learn the absolute basics of Spanish with Rob and Lis in this fun, communicative course.

  • 28 lessons

  • Complete beginners

  • 7 hours

What’s included

Over 28 fun and engaging audio episodes, Rob and Lis will show you how to communicate in a range of everyday situations, and you’ll learn essential vocabulary and phrases that you’re most likely to meet. Alongside this, you’ll pick up vital nuggets of grammar and pronunciation, giving you the best possible start to your Spanish journey.

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Spanish from Scratch 28

We meet another incredibly useful, stem-changing verb, poder:

  • Learn how to conjugate from o –> ue
  • The most common expressions and phrases using poder
  • How to use se puede



Spanish from Scratch 27

We meet the verb querer:

  • Learn how to conjugate, including the stem changing e –> ie
  • Uses of querer, including “to want”, and “to love”.
  • Practice drills and 2 dialogues for comprehension



Spanish from Scratch 26

Our final podcast on time, and you’ll learn:

  • How to say dates
  • A few different ways to ask what day it is
  • The word fue – “was”. Our first dip into the past! This comes from the verb ser, and is an absolutely essential word to get to grips with. Learn a few phrases using fue in this podcast!



Spanish from Scratch 24

Learn more useful time expressions to talk about frequency:

  • Units of time
  • “How many times do you…”?
  • Cuantos vs cuantas



Spanish from Scratch 23

Learn how to describe your daily routine:

  • Verbs including levantarse, despertarse, salir, volver
  • How to easily form adverbs using -mente
  • Practice asking for and saying the time: ¿a qué hora…?



Spanish from Scratch 19

Having learnt the numbers, we do a little more practice and then start using them with one of the most common scenarios: shopping. Learn relevant phrases around shopping, including asking about prices, making an order, and other shopping vocabulary.



Spanish from Scratch 18

Learn the numbers, from 1 – 1,000,000:

  • Spot the patterns in numbers (you only really need to learn about 20 numbers)
  • Practise, practise, practise!
  • How do Colombians say phone numbers (when you really need to know numbers well!)?



Spanish from Scratch 15

We take a break from grammar to explore transport:

  • How to talk about different forms of transport
  • “Coger” and “tomar” with transport
  • The similarities and differences between “caminar” and “andar”



Spanish from Scratch 13

Learn how to talk about “obligation” in Spanish – telling someone what to do! We look at two ways of doing this, exploring the constructions “tener que” and “hay que”.



Spanish from Scratch 9

We look at “coming and going” – venir e ir, talking about where to go, and how to make future plans. We also look at one way of practising your verb conjugations so that they become second nature!



Spanish from Scratch 8

We move on to talking about “doing”, with a focus on the continuous tense. Learn how to say things like “I’m running”, “she’s going” and more. Make sure that you’ve listened to the previous podcasts, because we step it up a gear in this podcast



Spanish from Scratch 6

We talk about the “go” verbs, the first set of irregular verbs that we’ll encounter. These are some of the most common and useful verbs, so it’s worth memorising them!



Spanish from Scratch 5

Lis and Rob show you the rest of the conjugations of the present tense for all three types of verb, and practise asking questions using those verbs.



Spanish from Scratch 4

Learn how to conjugate regular verbs and ask questions.

Today, we’re going to talk about… interviews! Rob’s going to interview Liz, and ask some questions about her life! You’ll learn how to ask questions, and how to conjugate some simple regular verbs.



Spanish from Scratch 1

Welcome to our first episode! Hola, y bienvenidos – hello, and welcome! We’ll start you off on your Spanish journey by learning some ways of introducing yourself, and asking someone how they are. You’ll find yourself coming back to these phrases again and again in all of your Spanish conversations, so it’s a great place to start.