Reaching for Words

A Language Learning Podcast

Reaching for Words is a long form podcast series, focusing on practical strategies and tips for language learners.

In each episode, we interview various language experts – polyglots, technologists, linguists, teachers – as well as everyday language learners, to understand what’s working for them in their language learning right now.

Each episode looks at a particular area of language learning, delving deep into what does, and doesn’t work. Episodes are published every 1-2 weeks on Mondays. Be sure to subscribe below!

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RFW3: Memory and Language Learning, with Olly Richards

Rob talks with polyglot Olly Richards about the role of memorization in language learning:

  • Do memory champions make the best language learners?
  • Is memorization really important?
  • Active vs passive memorization
  • Memorization tips and techniques for language learning
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RFW2: Beginning a Language, with Shannon Kennedy

We chat with Shannon Kennedy, a polyglot who has learned 8 languages, about how to approach a new language:

  • 3 do’s and don’ts when starting a language
  • The role of grammar at the beginner stages of language learning
  • Motivation vs discipline – which is more important?
  • How to build your language learning routine
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RFW1: Speaking fluently, with Luca Lampariello

In our first episode, we chat with Luca Lampariello, a renowned polyglot who has achieved high levels of fluency in 13 languages. We discuss:

  • Preparing to speak
  • Keys to fluency
  • Practising speaking
  • Speaking as a performance
  • The mindset of fluency
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