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“Tener pinta” (it looks like) is another really useful use of the verb tener, and is used to compare and comment on things:


Tener pintaTo look like
Tiene pinta de ser buenoIt looks good
Tiene pinta de ser maloIt looks bad
Él tiene pinta de ser buena genteHe looks like a good guy
Él tiene pinta de hippyHe looks like a hippy
Tiene pinta de estar muy ricoIt looks good (with food)
Tiene buena pintaIt looks good
Tiene mala pintaIt looks bad

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amy botticello
29th April 2019 12:52 am

Thank you. I only was familiar with “la comida tiene buena tinta.” I didn’t know tener pinta +de construction. Now that I know this I will be glad to use the construction more often (since I like it!).

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