We talk about the “go” verbs, the first set of irregular verbs that we’ll encounter. These are some of the most common and useful verbs, so it’s worth memorising them!


Rob: Spanish Obsessed, Spanish from Scratch, episode 6. Welcome again to Spanish Obsessesed’s Spanish from Scratch. This is episode 6 of the series, and today we’re going to look at a certain set of verbs. We’ve learned how to conjugate regular verbs, which make up around 90% of all Spanish verbs. Unfortunately, the most common verbs all seem to be irregular, which means that they don’t conjugate in the same way as regular verbs. Some of these verbs have only minor variations, and others are completely different. Fortunately we can group these irregular verbs together in certain subsets, and learn how to conjugate those. Today we’ll look at a subset of verbs often known as the “go” verbs, and you’ll see why in a minute. As always, I’m with Lis, hola Lis

Lis: Hola Rob!

Rob: And we’re going to have some short dialogues, and we’d like you to try and work out what they mean 1:00 – what the verbs are, and what those verbs have in common. Number one

Lis: ¿Hago la cena?

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