Learn how to ask people about their interests, and say what you like and don’t like!


Rob: Hello everyone, and welcome to our second beginners from scratch episode, on Spanish Obsessed. From me, Rob, “hola”, and from Lis:

Lis: Hola

Rob: Today, we’ll teach you how to talk about your interests. As in the previous podcast, we’ll have a little conversation, and then give you time to repeat and learn, and then we’ll break down the language we used, giving you00:30 bite-sized pieces of grammar, vocab, and phrases. As always, don’t forget to check out all of our accompanying materials on spanishobsessed.com. So in today’s conversation, Rob and Lis are talking about their interests.

Hola Lis, ¿qué más?

Lis: Hola Rob, muy bien gracias, y tú, ¿cómo estás?

Rob: Super, gracias!

Lis: Rob, ¿qué te gusta hacer en el tiempo libre?

Rob: Me 1:00 gusta ver la tele, también me gusta correr. Y a ti, ¿qué te gusta?

Lis: A mi me gusta el sol, y me gusta la comida buena también. Pero no me gusta la lluvia.

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See also

Liz was adamant that we included the following songs which will help you learn the phrase “me gusta”. There are two songs, one’s a particular favourite of mine, from Manu Chao, who sings the well known song “Me Gustas Tú” (I like you). The other one’s a Colombian Vallenato, which is a type of traditional folk-song. Enjoy!

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I love this!! I’m on a crash course after meeting my Cuban girlfriend!
This is only my first day with you guys, but so far I like what you’re doing. It suits my brain.
I’m only doing the free podcasts so far…and there’s a ton just in those. Will probably become a paying member before too long.
I like the way you guys organize the information. Everyone is different, but I it works good for me. Thanks!

Thanks Jim, glad you are enjoying it!

I just have to comment further!
The free podcasts are Very Well done!! And the little written transcript and key words is super!
Honestly, I think you are giving away a whole lot for free here.
(You could have a “meat and potatoes”…or “potatoes in meat broth” (even cheaper) membership level!)
7 bucks per month..!
Also, I love the simple little audio interface thing…its very easy to jump back if I miss something.
For my brain,
Spanish Obsessed is the BEST!

The lessons are amazing guys, thank you! The style of teaching makes it enjoyable and I like the real-life examples.

Muchas gracias Eva – nos alegra saber que lo disfrutas.

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