Spanish from Scratch 12

Use the adjectives we’ve learned to form superlatives – the biggest, the tallest, the most expensive, etc.


Rob: Spanish Obsessed Spanish from Scratch, number 12.

Lis: Superlatives

Rob: You beat me to it! Superlatives, yes. ¿Qué más, Lis?

Lis: Hola Rob, muy bien

Rob: ¿Qué más?

Lis: Bien, juiciosa.

Rob: Juiciosa, very good, very good. So today we are continuing along our adjectives theme of the last few podcasts, and we’ve moved from adjectives to comparatives, and now we’ll be looking at superlatives, which sounds really impressive but 00:30 it’s actually very very easy. So, just a quick review of the last podcast. We’ll give you three phrases, and we’d like you to translate them from English to Spanish. Number one: London is bigger than Madrid.

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Awesome podcasts. Really practical and informal similar to everyday colloquial speech. Great supplement to pimsleur for practice. What’s lost here in terms of precision is made up tenfold in terms of real life applications. Definitely recommend it for those aspiring to learn spanish as this is a top notch, engaging, supplement.

24th October 2017 6:09 pm

Thanks Mustafa, much appreciated!

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