Intermediate 7: Fashion

What is fashion? Is it about wearing and showing off expensive brands, or about combining your clothes with style? Well, I (Rob) don’t proclaim to know much about fashion, but that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion! One thing I noticed about fashion based Spanish vocabulary is how many of the words are borrowed from English (not all official – some you won’t find in the dictionary) – perhaps it sounds fashionable to use English when you speak Spanish. Here are some examples which come up in our podcast, you’ll be able to guess what they mean:

  • Fashionista
  • Unos tenis (this actually means “trainers/sneakers”…)
  • Los jeans
  • Un bóxer
  • Un nuevo look

We also talk about how someone can “meter gato por liebre” – to exchange you a cat for a hare! This is when someone sells you something, pretending it’s something it isn’t (like, “to sell a lemon”). Has this ever happened to you?


Lis: Una vez más estamos acá, con Rob, hola Rob.

Rob: Hola Liz.

Lis: Y quien les habla Liz, hoy vamos a hablar acerca de tendencias, eh para empezar, Rob nos va a contar, acerca de lo que él piensa 00:30 y de cómo se maneja la moda acá en Inglaterra.

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Hola Liz y Rob, pueden hacer una sección de vocabularios esenciales/difíciles de cada podcast adeḿas la sección que dice “transcript/translation…”? Muchas gracias!

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