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Our first cognate is “tion”. English nouns which end with “tion” are often equivalent to Spanish nouns ending with “ción”.



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Hello, for some reason, I keep being marked wrong when the answer I wrote is correct…not sure what I should do differently?? Thank you!!

Natasha Restrepo
17th October 2018 2:08 am

I was having the same problem with the first 4 questions

Hi Natasha

Would you mind sending a screenshot through to me?

I’m trying to replicate the error, but it works fine for me

Shouldn’t we always use a definite article whenever we are trying to learn new vocabulary? When I stated celebration= la celebración, it was marked as wrong.

That’s up to you! However, the quiz accepts answers with no articles, so in this case “celebración” or “celebracion” would both be marked as correct.

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