Beginners 1: The weather

Welcome to our first episode, all about the weather! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Three questions to ask people when you first meet them
  • English people love talking about the weather, but Colombians aren’t so interested – their weather stays the same all around the year. Why?
  • How to ask about the weather
  • How to tell people that it’s hot, cold, raining, or sunny
  • Four cool phrases from the “streets”, talking about… The weather!

We’ll be honest… This was one of earlier recordings, and the audio quality isn’t the greatest. We will be re-recording soon, however! As you work through the course, we figure out how to record ourselves much better 🙂



Rob: Hola a todos, y bienvenidos a Spanish Obsessed beginners podcast number one. Yo soy Rob

Lis: Yo soy Lis

Rob: Hola Lis

Lis: Hola Rob, hola a todos

Rob: ¿Cómo estás?

Lis: Muy muy bien, gracias, ¿tú cómo estás?

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Exercises coming soon!


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