Advanced 27: News of a Kidnapping

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Gilberto Torres, who was kidnapped by Colombian paramilitaries and held captive for 42 days several years ago. Gilberto was a Trade Union leader, and was kidnapped for organising strikes and getting in the way of some big business interests. He’s taking BP to court in London for events surrounding his kidnapping, and in this podcast he tells his story.



Rob: Hola a todos y bienvenidos otra vez a Spanish Obsessed y hoy tenemos el gran honor de tener aquí a Gilberto Torres, bienvenidos, bienvenido, (risas) perdón

Gilberto: primero que todo muchas gracias por la invitación es una… es un un motivo de orgullo, de satisfacción el poder estar contribuyendo a todo aquel que me esté escuchando en el día de hoy, pues para mejoren, mejorar 00:30 de una u otra forma su nivel de español

Rob: pues sí esa es la idea de todo, bueno Gilberto Torres para ellos que no conocen ha salido bastante en las noticias aquí en Inglaterra ahora bueno, por qué cuéntanos

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You can read further about the impact that Big Oil has on local communities at Oil Justice, a foundation that supports communities that have been affected by oil companies.

Find out more about Gilberto’s story in this article from the Guardian.

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