Meet Clarissa, from Venezuela. Clarissa talks to us about her time in London, and about the current situation in Venezuela. We should say that, while Clarissa is certainly passionate in her views, we have no way of verifying much of what she has said… All the same, enjoy, and keep up if you can!


Rob: Tenemos otra invitada, hola Clarisa, ¿qué tal?

Clarisa: Hola, cómo estás, gracias por invitarme.

Rob: Bueno, el placer o la placer, el placer.

Clarisa: El placer es todo mío.

Rob: Es todo mío, nuestro sí, y bueno cuéntanos de dónde eres.

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Although Clarisa is clearly very passionate and has had terrible experiences in Venezuela, she still remains hopeful for the future of the country. We have been looking for balanced, non-biased versions of recent events, and truthfully, things don’t look good for Venezuela’s immediate future (all links open in new tabs):

The Economist, 28th January, 2017: As Venezuela crumbles, the regime digs in

With Venezuela’s economy in a tailspin, ordinary Venezuelans are forced to rely on the black market. And who sets the prices? Interestingly, the Venezuelan Central Bank’s nemesis is an expat who works in Home Depot in Alabama:

WSJ, 20th November, 2016: Venezuela’s Nemesis Is a Hardware Salesman at a Home Depot in Alabama

Despite Venezuela’s current woes, now could be the perfect time to visit for the intrepid explorer:

Lonely Planet: Introducing Venezuela

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