Spanish Opinion Phrases: 30 useful expressions

Rob Ashby
The Spanish Obsessive

An integral part of any conversation is sharing your opinion, and providing your perspective or point of view. In Spanish, there are many ways that you can start to share your opinion, other than just the standard yo creo que… Take a look through these 30 Spanish opinion expressions to expand your vocabulary:

Me pone (+ adjective) It makes me (+ adjective)


Se me hace que… It seems to me that…


Opino que… It’s my opinion that (lit. “I opine that”)


Considero que… I consider that…


(no) Estoy de acerdo que I (don’t) agree that


Me da la impresión de que It gives me the impression that


Al parecer It seems


Supongo que I suppose that


Como yo lo veo As I see it


Tengo la opinion de que… I’m of the opinion that (lit. “I have the opinion that…”)


Desde mi punto de vista From my point of view


Por lo que yo sé…  From what I know


Por lo que yo recuerdo From what I remember


En cuanto a mi opinion, yo creo que… As far as my opinion, I believe that…


Puede que me equivoque, pero… I could be wrong, but (lit. “it could be that I am wrong, but”)


Si no estoy equivocado/a… If I’m not wrong…


Para mi… For me


Es de suponer que… It can be assumed that…


Por mi parte… For my part


Por mi propia cuenta On my own


A mi juicio As I see it/in my opinion


Yo digo/diría que… I say/I would say that…


Con respecto a… With respect to…

What other expression can you use to express your opinion in Spanish? Have we missed anything?

Let us know in the comments below!

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