From ¿qué? to ¡Qué bien!

Intermediate Series 2: Journey to Comprehension

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My journey to comprehension

I (Rob) remember when I first moved into an apartment in Spain, sharing with a couple of Spanish people. I’d done an intensive, 6 week course in Spanish, where we’d covered a wide variety of grammar and vocabulary, and I’d made a big effort to speak.

On my first day in the new apartment, one of my new flatmates asked me something, and I could only stare. All of my studying hadn’t prepared me for actually understanding real-world Spanish…

It was particularly frustrating – I’d covered the major grammar points, and thought I had a reasonable vocabulary.

Fast-forward one year, and things had changed. I could actually express myself, and had that liberating feeling that you get once something becomes effortless. It was like becoming a fish in water.

What did I do?

It was very simple. I listened to, read, and generally consumed Spanish that was not too easy, and not too difficult (more on this later). It took me one year, but with the right material, this can be much quicker for you.

Once you build your comprehension skills, this really is the foundation to everything else. Speaking becomes much easier, and new vocabulary and grammar structures slip into place quickly, as you really get a “feel” for the language. Your progress accelerates, and you enjoy everything about Spanish a lot more.

It’s a fantastic feeling, and with the right approach, you can also experience that transformation and become a fish in water too!

What do you need to do? We need to talk about comprehensible input…

Comprehensible input is understandable, but also slightly beyond your current capabilities. It stretches you, but not so far that you quit.

This leads to language acquisition, and when you find the material that works for you, is an absolute joy to experience.

You’ll find yourself picking up new words, grammatical concepts, and phrases, without intentional, deliberate effort.

We’ve taken the best of our first intermediate series, and improved every aspect

Natural, yet comprehensible Spanish

Struggle with native level Spanish? Ease yourself in, while safe in the knowledge that you are listening to authentic, natural Spanish over 30 episodes (that’s over 10 hours!).

Learn from Rob’s mistakes

We’ve highlighted any mistake that Rob makes. Chances are, if you are a native English speaker, you make the same errors – easily see what these are, and avoid them in your own Spanish!

Upgraded transcriptions

Don’t miss a single word – easily follow audio with our beautiful transcriptions. Not sure of a word or phrase? Toggle translations on or off with one click.

Join the conversation

Question, comment, or suggestion? Join the conversation, right in the transcript, and learn from other learners’ comments.

Learn in context

Interesting grammar, vocabulary, slang, and any spoken mistakes are highlighted for bite-sized learning, in context, as you listen

Learn as you go

Easily download individual episodes, or add to your itunes feed to listen while on the go

Transform Your Spanish

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“I first encountered Spanish Obsessed about 18 months ago, when I knew very little Spanish, and since then have used it virtually every day. It has enabled me to progress, with very little effort beyond simply listening, from beginners’ level to a point where I can have reasonably fluent conversations with native Spaniards. The Spanish it teaches is spendidly demotic and not at all the usual textbook stuff provided by other sources… You’ll find Spanish extremely beautiful and, taught this way, not difficult for an English-speaker to pick up.”

Dr. Andrew Liddle

Bradford, England

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1. ¿Un perro o un gato?

Meet the new series of intermediate podcasts. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to use the new format of transcriptions, and we discuss what you’ll find in the upcoming episodes.

We also go back to our age-old argument of which is the most suitable pet for us. A dog, a cat, or a tortoise?

Be sure to listen to the start of this podcast to help you get the most out of the new series!



2. Recetas preferidas

Rob and Lis discuss their cooking abilities, and both describe how to make some of their favourite recipes:

  • Cooking verbs (fritar, freir, etc)
  • Flavours and tastes (amargo, acido)
  • Talking about your favourite food



3. La música

Rob and Lis talk about what they listen to, and when:

  • Nuestros géneros preferidos
  • Qué es “música de plancha”
  • La música y nuestras memorias



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I’m so grateful for Spanish Obsessed! I stumbled upon this site and podcast a couple of years ago and have listened ever since. It’s a great way to absorb the beautiful Spanish language, and I love the myriad topics Rob and Lis talk about. The transcriptions are also very helpful. Through Spanish Obsessed I have relearned grammar I learned when I first started studying the language, and I have discovered new vocabulary, have learned about new cultures and places, and have picked up on very helpful grammar usage tips and rules. ¡Gracias a Rob y Lis por este podcast excelente!

Mindy B


Frequently asked questions

Is this for me?

This course is for those who are between A2 – B2 on the Common European Framework (CEFR).

In other words, if you are beyond beginner level, but still some way from an advanced level, you’ll find the material in this course just right for you.

How do I use this course?

The simplest way to use this course is to just listen through! We’ve made this easy for you, as you can download all episodes, and easily add them to itunes.

We recommend repeated listening (some of our students have mentioned listening to podcasts up to 30 times!), and following with the transcript to ensure that you pick up all the words, as well as the additional analysis provided within each transcript.

To go deeper, you can comment and ask us questions within the transcripts themselves.

What will this do for my Spanish?

I’ve found comprehensible input to be the most effective activity that I could do on my own to improve my Spanish. When I found suitable material, the transformation of my comprehension accelerated immediately, and I started to really enjoy learning Spanish.

Why is this course better?

We learned a lot recording our first series of intermediate podcasts, and have improved every area of the new series. We’ve recorded using professional audio equipment so you can hear us in beautiful clarity: the podcasts are tighter, more engaging, and more cohesive, and every aspect of the accompanying materials has been improved following extensive user feedback. But, don’t take our word for it – access the first three episodes for free and make your own mind up!

How long do I get access for?

If you purchase as a standalone course, you will have permanent access.

If you purchase as part of a gold membership, you will get access for one year. We think you’ll be able to get through the course in that amount of time 🙂

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14 day guarantee

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Although we’ve never met, I feel like Rob and Lis are old friends who are sharing stories over a pint at the pub. Listening to their conversations on podcast is the perfect way for me to improve my comprehension and vocabulary. It’s fun, interesting, engaging and productive. Thank you Rob and Lis!


Upper Intermediate