Here you’ll find Spanish grammar tips, explanations, and exercises. This section of the site is ever expanding as we include additional material for all levels of Spanish learner. The materials here are designed to support the courses, and where we cover certain areas in a course, we’ll provide links so that you can listen to that podcast to reinforce what you’ve already learnt (and vice versa).

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Infographic: Spanish Gender

One of the first things that we’re taught in Spanish is about gender, and it’s also one of the last things we’ll actually get right. The concept of gender is pretty alien to us English speakers, as it seems strange to us to assign a sex to not only people and animals, but also objects, and any other noun. There are some good guidelines to help to understand the genders that nouns belong to, and we’ve summarised some of the most useful rules in this infographic!

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Saying you like things in Spanish, and other verbs

“Gustar” is a funny verb. When we first learn it, we equate “me gusta” with “I like” – “me gusta pizza” means “I like pizza”. Simple enough. However, this verb, and many others like it, are profoundly different to our English equivalents. They are known as “reverse construction verbs”

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The Spanish Subjunctive Made Easy

Few parts of Spanish grammar instil such dread in Spanish learners as the subjunctive. Entire books have been devoted to the treatment of the subjunctive, and as English speakers we are constantly baffled by it. However, by bearing a few things in mind we can come to understand the Spanish subjunctive, learn the forms, and use it correctly, naturally, and fluently. Here follows a guide to the Spanish subjunctive!

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Ser vs estar

Ser and Estar: The Definitive Guide

Few verbs have attracted as much attention and hours of study as the two “copular” verbs in Spanish: Ser and Estar. To an English native speaker, it seems bizarre to have two verbs which both mean “to be”, and distinguishing between them and their uses can be a major challenge in studying Spanish. Yet, even for linguists, these two verbs have been a source of much controversy. Here, we look at different ways of approaching these two verbs, as well as some of the problems in the classic teaching methods for these verbs.

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Common Spanish Mistakes

Mistakes by we English speakers when we speak Spanish instantly mark us out as foreign, and the consequences range from sounding a bit more foreign, to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or completely embarrassing yourself (look up the Spanish for “I have a cold”…). While these mistakes are very easy for us to make, they are just as easy to rectify once you’re aware of them.

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Top Spanish Grammar Tips: Avoid going insane

Learning grammar seems like the necessary evil to learning a language; we treat it as though it’s a time consuming process we just have to get through. It’s also seen as boring and difficult, and tends to be what people struggle with the most. However, this shouldn’t be the case! Try the tips below to see if you can look at Spanish grammar in a different light, and maybe even make it easier and more enjoyable.

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