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Spanish Courses

Start your Spanish journey with our selection of Spanish audio lessons for all levels

Spanish from Scratch

Learn the absolute essentials of Spanish in bite sized chunks, with conversation and analysis.
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Beginner Spanish

Learn Spanish phrases for various situations in this course which focuses on communicative Spanish, in context.
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Intermediate Spanish

For those who have been learning a little while longer, and are ready for pure Spanish conversation.
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Advanced Spanish

Full Spanish conversations with Spanish speaking guests from around the world.
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Vocabulary Course

Build your vocabulary in the quickest and most efficient way in this premium course.
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Pronunciation Course

Develop a native Spanish accent in this in-depth Spanish pronunciation course.
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What’s in the Spanish courses?

Lessons in the courses contain a podcast, Spanish audio, analysis, and exercises. We also include videos and (sometimes) homework! All lessons are centered around genuine communication presented in an engaging way. Over the series you’ll get to know Rob and Liz quite well!

How do I use the courses?

This depends on your level. Our intermediate and advanced Spanish courses are not structured, so you can dip in and out of these as you please. With the other courses, we recommend starting from the first lesson, as we often reference material we cover in earlier lessons.

What are the notes?

You’ll notice that (almost) all of the Spanish podcasts and audio lessons come with notes and accompanying exercises. These are available to you once you sign up, and will appear automatically once you are logged in. The notes include transcripts, interesting Spanish language points (see below), and other bits and pieces to help you get the most out of the podcasts.

How do I use the notes?

This is generally down to personal preference. Depending on the level, we provide a full transcription, and call out any interesting points. These might include vocabulary, grammar, or something worth noting.

Is this free?

Our Spanish podcasts and audio are all free, and the notes are also available for free. We have two premium courses which we encourage you to check out: Our Spanish power vocabulary course, and a pronunciation course (coming soon). If you’ve enjoyed our free materials, you could help support us by considering buying one of our premium courses.
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