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Su podcast ha sido muy servical. Gracias. I am a comedian here in NYC and I hope to be able to perform my act in Spanish one day. Mi cuñado es ecuatoriano y estoy me visita en su casa este verano. Esperemos que voy a hablar mejor el español para entonces.

Muchas gracias por los podcasts. Me encantan. Happy Holidays!

Su sitio es excellente. Muchas gracias. Una cosa: He recebidio sus pdfs. Podria possible enviiarme los pdfs de lod podcasts advanzados numeros 1-7. Ya tengo los numeros 8-12. Gracias otra vez.

Hola Kathy
Gracias por sus comentarios. Solo empezamos a producir pdfs desde podcast 8 en este curso. Estamos planeando a hacer unos pdfs en el futuro, pero de momento solo hay desde numero 8.

Gracias por su respuesta tan rapida. Y gracias otra vez por su sitio.


I love your downloadable audios! Thank you so much! I had just one request. Could you possibly increase the volume while recording? Sometimes the voice is very soft and the words can’t be heard clearly.

15th June 2014 2:38 pm

Hi Shyama

Glad you like the podcasts! Yes, we’ll try to amp up some of our earlier podcasts. We used not very good equipment at the start, which is why the quality is a little off on a couple of those!

Rebekah Codlin
24th June 2014 8:59 pm

Hey! Love all your podcasts! Maybe it’s just me (or it’s meant to be this way) but whenever I click download on the podcasts it always just opens another page and plays the audio there……am I able to actually download them to my pc somehow? I would love to be able to transfer them to my phone to listen to on the go…. thanks so much for your time ^^

I was wondering the same thing. Would love to listen to them on my commute! Is it possible?

11th October 2014 8:53 pm

Hi Elisa

You can download by right-clicking on the download link and selecting “save link as…”. Hope that works!


Hola Liz and Rob,I have recently, found your site and it is tremendous. Having just completed your vocabulary course, I have learnt some “new tricks”. Your podcasts are informative, humorous and, what I really appreciate is; how you explain the background of the topic, word etc. and word families excellent! (As a by-product you are stirring my schooldays Latin.) A wonderful book that I am using to centre my cognate and suffix studies on is: ” The big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary”. Not only does it cover these topics but also word frequencies used in a “Red Top” Mexican Newspaper.
For me, I would love you to embark on the following three suggestions.
1. I hope that you will compile another vocabulary course along the lines of the above.
2. Would you please make a video on that “old chestnut” Por y Para?
3. A project on Spanish tenses, using multiple meaning verbs with examples in the more common tenses. For example, guardar, echar, passar, hacer, poner, sacar, tratar, tocar, alcanzar, dejar, faltar, sequir,, volver and a host more. This would be like a talking dictionary.
Thanks for all your hard and highly informative work. How do you fit in your full time employment and study commitments while running such a comprehensive website?

27th June 2014 6:00 pm

Hi John

Glad you enjoyed the course! We’re taking a bit of a breather before deciding what our next course will be, but will certainly take your thoughts into consideration. How do we find the time? It’s a pleasure really – this site is one way that we can relax and give something back, it’s a nice change from work and study! When you enjoy something, it’s easy to find the time.

Good luck with your studies!

Rob + Liz

Hi Liz & Rob!
This fall, I am spending my final semester in college studying abroad in Honduras. To prepare, I have been pairing your podcast (Intermediate for now) with Duolingo and daily reading. Your podcast has really helped me so far! I just wanted to ask you about the transcripts/notes. How do you recommend I use them? I usually just read them over before or after I listen to the podcast, but I haven’t really developed a method. What do you suppose is the best way to use them? Or are they just a crutch? Thanks a lot!

7th July 2014 8:18 am

Hi Tyler

Glad you enjoy the podcasts! With the notes, we’d suggest listening to the podcasts first without notes, and then a repeated listen following along with the transcription. There’s no real set method – it’s more input than exercises!


Guys, where is your ‘donate’ button? You should add one! Keep up the good work!

14th August 2014 8:02 am

Good idea! Maybe we’ll do that…

Hi Liz & Rob
Used Pimsleur on my daily trip to work for almost 3 years now and enjoyed to hear something else for a while. As I do not have any resources at hand while driving it is rather difficult for me to follow your conversation – especially Liz has to much volume changes sometimes.
I would certainly welcome english words or more of the “que quiere decir” in the speech for lesser common words and expressions.
Also running your written discussion text through google translater is a nightmare to read and I would be glad to be able to get a better readable english translation of it.
But anyway – Great stuff and thanks a lot

14th August 2014 8:02 am

Hi Juerg

Sure – we realise some of the levels on our earlier podcasts are a little off, but the majority of our podcasts have been recorded on upgraded equipment and should sound a bit more even!


Really like the podcasts – great work so keep them coming. please!
I find the transcripts invaluable to my understanding and learning.
But I find it hard to find them on the website.
I can find the podcast easily, then I follow the ‘get the transcript’ link’, then I enter my info and click on ‘I’m in’, then I’m told I’m already registered!
What am I doing wrong?

14th August 2014 8:00 am

Hi Max

You should have received an email pointing you to a page where all the transcriptions are. Let me know if you don’t get that (rob@spanishobsessed.com) and I’ll resend 🙂

Hi, Rob,

Yes, I have that email and it works but it would be much easier if I could access the transcripts from the website. If I don’t have the email (when travelling or using a different computer) I don’t have access to the transcripts.

Any solution?


14th August 2014 2:45 pm

Hi Max

We’re currently adding the transcriptions to each of the podcasts, so that when you log in using your details you can see the transcription underneath the podcast. We’ve done this for most of the Advanced section, and are trying to roll it out across the rest of the site asap! Hopefully that will work for you.


if you buy the program, is this a one time payment, monthly or yearly subscription?

Hi Liz

It’s a one time payment, and you can download the course.

Hi, I’ve just started to use your website and podcasts. Every time I try to download a transcript I’m told “You have not yet confirmed your subscription.” But, I have–via the link in the welcome email from rob@spanishobsessed.com and via the link sent from Disqus. Thoughts?

Hi Jeff

I’ve sent you an email to try to help out!



Dear Liz and Rob,

I started listening to your podcasts a couple weeks ago, and I am enjoying them greatly. When I come home from work, my new favourite thing to do is listen to spanish obsessed! You are both articulate speakers, great at generating engaging topics, and have brought a lot of light to my life. Thank you sincerely, and keep up all the wonderful podcasts. xo. Ava

I took Spanish for 2 1/2 years and lost track and forgot almost everything.
I used to be that one girl that had the perfect accent and perfect sentences and everything. I lost my superpower. How can I get it back?! HELP!!

Hi Sanjana

Maybe try doing what you did before? You’ll be surprised how quickly you can pick it up again 🙂

Stephanie Fonteneaux
28th October 2014 10:26 am

Hi: I never received the email after registering. How can I access the transcripts of the podcasts? Specifically, I am looking for the transcript to the first Intermediate level podcast. Thanks

Hi Stephanie

I’ll send you an email with details of how to get the transcriptions


Thanks so much Ava, we’re glad you’re enjoying the podcasts!

Rob + Liz

Would like to practice writing/journaling in Spanish… what programs or apps do you suggest for using with my English keyboard?

4th November 2014 3:24 pm

Hi Donnalee

Other than configuring the Spanish keyboard on your Windows machine (you can also shift between English/Spanish characters with ALT+SHIFT – quite useful!), I don’t really know of anything…

How do I get transcriptions of the podcasts?

6th November 2014 3:23 pm

You can sign up, and you’ll receive email instructions. https://spanishobsessed.com/sign-up/

Hi, Rob
I’m remain a big fan of Spanish Obsessed but any chance you can help me by making your ‘missing’ podcasts and transcripts available?
I struggle to understand the podcasts without the transcript but once I’ve worked through a transcript I find I can listen and understand next time.
At the moment there are 21 Intermediate podcasts on your website but only 17 available through iTunes. Would love to download the missing 4 podcasts (18 through 21) but I also need the transcripts which are all marked as “coming soon”.
Please, please can you make the podcasts available on iTunes and the transcripts available on the website?
I love listening and you are making a big difference to my learning.
Thanks for everything you do.

Hi Max

Glad you’re enjoying our materials! Sure, we’ll keep the itunes feed updated.

Me gusta esta página…Estoy aprendiendo mucho. Gracias.

Hi there! I was downloading all the podcasts (great stuff!) and when I tried to access “Advanced”, page 2, it said that the page could not be found. Looks like the link is dead. Any way to update it? I got Advanced 14-23, but missing 1-13. Really looking forward to the material! Any help would be appreciated.

9th February 2015 7:27 am

Hi Chris

Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts.

I’m not sure why that’s happening – the page opens fine for me. I’ve updated the link just in case – maybe try in another browser?


Hi guys. This is not correct Spanish. I was advised not to take this course.
For example Hola que mas? or Que te pongo?

It’s maybe not completely standard Spanish – “hola qué más” is used in Colombia, and “qué te pongo” is used in Spain. We mention these for interest alongside standard Spanish, but they are definitely “correct”

Saludos Rob y Liz. Soy estadounidense y me gusta muchísima su podcast, no he escuchado todos pero de lo que sí he escuchado son muy buenos e interesantes. Me di cuenta de que hace falta mas entrevistas con hispanohablantes del caribe (creo que hay una cubana nada más). El acento y los modismos de los puertorriqueños, por ejemplo, son bien interesantes. Es gracioso porque cuando conocí a mi esposo, quien es boricua, no entendí mucho pero ahora estoy más acostumbrada a su acento y me cuesta entender otros, como unos de España. Es por eso que estoy escuchando sus podcasts para practicar.

Acabo de escuchar el podcast Advanced 18, y quería comentar sobre el español en los Estados Unidos, pero no vi ninguna opción de comentar en la página de podcasts.

Gracias, que estén bien.


Sí, siempre buscamos más voces del caribe, pero son dificiles de encontrar acá en Londres! Creo que lo de los comentarios ya debe funcionar otra vez, si quieres dejar un comentario en ep 18.

Gracias, y nos alegra que te gusten los podcasts!

3rd March 2015 1:00 am

Gracias por responder. Sí, me imagino que no es fácil encontrar a otros hispanohablantes en Londres! Gracias, voy a revisar los comentarios otra vez.

Thanks for all this yall. I’m from Texas. I am having trouble downloading the transcripts for some of the beginner videos. No problem with the audio podcast. Using Android 4.4. Ademas, is there a place on the net for English translations of the videos?

Thanks, david in houston.

18th March 2015 2:23 pm

Hi David

Send me an email at rob@spanishobsessed.com with a couple of screenshots outlining the problem and we’ll try and sort it out!

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying our material.


I’m another fan who is slightly confused by how to download…anything! But eventually I get to your site which, for me, is a life saver (or language saver) ! I lived in Mexico for three years and when I returned to California a year ago I didn’t have the pleasure of hearing Spanish everyday, every hour, every minute. And so, I fear am losing all the Spanish that I learned. However, now, thanks to your podcasts, I can at least hear a good conversation as opposed to a grammar lesson. And when I have the opportunity to talk w/my friends in Mexico my comprehension hasn’t completely gone down the drain. So to speak.

18th March 2015 2:24 pm

🙂 Glad we’ve been able to help!

Hi Love the podcasts, but I am confused about a couple of things, I cant figure out how to print off transcripts without cutting and pasting into Word… is there an easier way?
Also, after each podcast (intermediate) you mention that we can add comments, but I cant see where to do that, other than here..is there a place to comment after a particular podcast?
Many thanks, hope all is well and you are continuing with this fantastic website..

18th March 2015 2:25 pm


Glad you’re enjoying the site.

There’s currently no way of printing out the transcripts other than how you described, but maybe at some point in the future we’ll add a word/print download.

I’ll look into the comments, these should be working!


Enjoy your podcasts very much. Having difficulties logging in to your site because it doesn’t recognise the saved user name and password and won’t allow me to change them, or at any rate i can’t find out how to change them to new ones, if that’s what i have to do to get in. Please tell me how to change my user name and password to ones that will be recognised and will allow me in.

25th March 2015 2:12 pm

Hi Derek

If you email me at rob@spanishobsessed.com we can sort you out.


Dear Liz and Rob, I just want to thank you for a great job you are doing! I’m so happy to find your podcasts! I couldn’t start to speak for so long, but in a week of everyday listening to your podcasts I even started to think in spanish sometimes! Now I am looking for ways to support you for all you effort and help, because it really made a big difference for my learning, but can’t find anything like paid materials or donation. Is there any?
from Russia with love

31st March 2015 7:49 pm

Hi Tanya

We’re delighted we’ve been able to help you so much! Thanks for letting us know how you’ve been finding the podcasts. The only paid offering we have at the moment is the Vocabulary Course:
If the course is unsuitable, check in soon as we are planning on releasing more premium courses, and Liz will be offering a conversation class too!

Thanks again

Rob + Liz

Brett Theodore Shears Jr.
15th April 2015 5:46 pm

Hey Rob and Liz! I love the podcast and I was happy to donate to support your work. 🙂 You might want to consider having a link to that donation page somewhere more visible on the website. I wouldn’t go overboard, but just somewhere reliable, like the bottom of each page or with its own time titled “Support Spanish Obsessed” or something like that.

21st April 2015 1:25 pm

Hi Brett

Thanks for the donation! Yes, don’t worry, we’ll definitely be making that page a lot more visible soon enough.


How can I get the transcript for Episode 13 of the Beginner Spanish podcast?

Can you recommend a podcast that focuses on the present subjunctive conjugations?

13th May 2015 9:20 am

Hi Maggie

I don’t think we’ve focused on that in any of our podcasts, to be honest…

Rob and Liz, I have listened to all of your podcasts and I have enjoyed all of them immensely. They were very informative and interesting. I also learned a lot of new Spanish. My first language is English and I was born and raised in the U.S. I am 44 years old and I have studied Spanish now for 2.5 years. I a m a very serious student and I would consider myself at an intermediate level but nowhere near fluency. I have a specific question for Rob. I have yet to come across an English speaking person, who is learning Spanish from scratch, become fluent in all areas of Spanish, especially to the level of their primary language. A couple of exceptions would be if they are married to a Spanish speaking spouse or they come from a bilingual family. Do you consider yourself fully fluent in Spanish or at the same level as English? Do you have any Spanish students or know of anyone who has reached that fluency level in Spanish? I am beginning to think that it is definitely not the norm and the percentage is very low. In other words, I don´t know what the actual statistic is, but I would venture to guess that less than 1% of adult English speakers who are studying Spanish achieve this goal. I would say most of them quit trying because it is just too hard. What is your opinion?

I have signed up for an account but when I go to the site I don’t see where to log in. Can someone help me.

26th May 2015 12:10 pm

Hi Todd

You can log in under the “transcriptions” of the podcasts.

Chris Montgomery
2nd June 2015 10:34 pm

Hello Rob and Liz. I am enjoying your podcasts very much. However, when I try to get the notes, it has me enter the number from the “Captcha” but then it says I am already subscribed, and I don’t get anything. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


15th June 2015 3:32 pm

Hi Chris

If you send me a message to rob@spanishobsessed.com I can try to sort this out for you.



I have recently come upon your website and really appreciate all the resources! I am listening to your beginning podcasts and they are much more interesting than almost every “study spanish” cd/tape that I have found at my local library. Thanks for making the podcasts interesting and phrases I have not seen taught! Also, I agree chunking is great. I work in the medical field and even if I was fluent, it would be hard to speak to my patients if I didn’t know most of the medical words/phrases. Thanks again!

25th June 2015 4:49 pm

Thanks Laura!

Hola Rob & Liz,

Is there an error in the Spanish from Scratch 2 transcript? I think the discussion regarding IR is missing.


29th April 2017 9:59 pm

Hi Ryan

Thanks for pointing that out – we’ll review that transcript.


“New to the subjunctive? Check out our guide to the subjunctive” — Where can i find this guide?? – I did the exercises for lesson 1, advanced – I clicked the link but it did not bring up any guide at all. Thanks

9th May 2017 9:37 pm

Hi Sandy

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve just updated the link, you can also view the guide here: https://spanishobsessed.com/blog/the-spanish-subjunctive/


I’m giving thought to purchasing a membership, though see that you don’t accept credit card payments from the US, leaving only PayPal as a method of payment. I’ve had bad experiences with PayPal, and cancelled my membership. Is there any other way to pay for a membership from the US? Thanks.

Hi Kevin

You can use a US credit card to pay in UK pounds. However, your bank may charge a conversion fee.


Hi Rob & Liz,

I had just signed up for the gold membership and I was wondering, how long do I have to wait until I receive the gold membership? Thanks!

1st October 2017 9:47 pm

Hi Landrick

That should be working for you now, email me at rob@spanishobsessed.com if there are any further issues!

Natalia Aguilar
21st October 2017 6:09 pm

Hello my name is Natalia, I’m from Colombia but I live in Valencia Spain, I’m 25 years old. I would like to learn english as a native, I offer my house.

Answers: nataaguilar@hotmail.com

Hello will this help me to learn Castillian Spanish?

24th October 2017 6:08 pm

Hi Kim
There are really not that many differences between Castillian and Latin American Spanish varieties – they are both certainly mutually intelligible. We point out differences where relevant, so you get a good view of how the language is spoken around the world.

Hi Rob, I love all the resources you have. I signed up for a teacher account a few months ago and received an email approving my account, however, I still do not have full access to everything. I am especially interested in access to all the resources, but am also interested in adding in my students. If the teaching account is no longer offered freely, let me know, and I’ll gladly upgrade and pay for a Gold account.

Thank you!


9th November 2017 1:27 pm

Hi Hector

Sorry for the delay! Feel free to email me at rob@spanishobsessed.com to discuss the teacher account.


7th November 2017 8:56 pm

Anyone else unable to sign up with log in credentials? Just spent ridiculous amount of time.

9th November 2017 1:27 pm

Hi, sorry to hear you’re having difficulties! Email me at rob@spanishobsessed.com, and I’ll get it sorted for you.

Laura Kubasiewicz
19th March 2018 2:11 pm

Hi Lis and Rob,

Thanks for the great podcasts! I just wanted to check, if I sign up for premium membership can I download all of the podcasts (past the first 5), or do I need gold membership for that?

20th March 2018 11:00 am

Hi Laura

Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts 🙂

The download options are available for the gold membership.

Rob and Lis: I love your podcasts. Also, I wanted to mention that I spent the month of February in Colombia and was so impressed. I hope to return for the month of February next year

7th April 2018 10:31 am

Thanks! Where did you visit in Colombia?

I landed from Canada in Bogota. After two days, I flew to Puerto Inirida in Guainia in the far east of Colombia in the Llanos to see the Cerros de Mavecure, where I stayed in an indigenous village. After returning to Bogota, I travelled to Barichara, which was stunningly beautiful. From there I took the overnight bus to Santa Marta and worked my way east to Cabo de la Vela in La Guajira. I spent two nights there and one day on a motor bike exploring the peninsula: superb. I then went west to Santa Marta and spent three nights in Minca in the Sierra Nevada mountains. From there to Medellin: a really interesting city and then south by bus to Jardin: another gorgeous colonial town. Back to Medellin and a flight to Nuqui on the Choco coast and a launch up the coast to the village of Jurubida. Back by plane to Medellin and Bogota and home to Canada. I am hoping to return next February to explore the southern part of the country and to go up into the high Andes. If anyone is interested, I put out a blog: paulseestheworld.blogspot.ca

8th April 2018 3:42 pm

Sounds like a great journey, definitely off the beaten track!

I’d like to thank Rob and Lis for such incredibly positive and useful endeavor – help people with Spanish. I’ve listened all your podcasts on Castbox app. Unfortunately I’ve heard all of the available episodes. If possible can you please upload more of this or record them. As of now beside “News in slow Spanish” there is no other podcast with such content. Thank you again, and good luck in developing your programs!!!

Thanks Karim!
There’ll be more podcasts coming very soon 🙂


I love the new format. When are you going to put the new podcasts on your site so that we can look at the translations. I’m still not hearing Liz as well. A lot better, she is closer to the mike and speaking slower, but I believe the acuity isn’t quite right. She needs more high EQ in her voice. It sounds like she is EQ’d to your voice, which is perfectly clear. I can’t hear Liz’s mid word “r’s” still. Which is definitely an EQ problem. Still sounding muffled in the new stuff. Sorry to be so picky, but I truly want to hear this. It’s good stuff and helps me learn, but not when I don’t understand what she’s saying. I have many friends from Columbia, and I can understand all of them perfectly. I have talked with Liz on the phone, I know I can understand her. It is a recording problem. Thanks for listening… Bo

Thanks for your feedback Bo!
Getting Lis’ level right is a challenge. I’ve played around with EQ and compression, and am now happy I’ve got her voice pretty well recorded. We hope to have the rest of the series live later this month – we’ll keep you posted!


The link to download the Advanced Course seems to be broken. The others seem to work ok………..would appreciate a little help…….gracias

Hi Des

Are you getting any error message? What browser are you using? And,just to confirm, which page are you trying to download from, and are you referring to the mp3s or pdfs?
I’ve checked the link on my side and it seems ok.
Let me know if you want me to send through other means.


Hi Rob and Lis,
Thank you for the awesome podcasts! I first discovered your Intermediate level podcasts and I really enjoyed that I was learning Spanish while simultaneously hearing about some cool experiences/stories/opinions from you both.

I recently also found the Beginner podcast channel which I started from the beginning. I ran into the “Illness” episode which I particularly enjoyed. I’m pursing a career in health care and I think it would be awesome to see some more content about health-related topics. This could interest all audiences because it is a universal topic and definitely appeal to any health care professionals. Maybe this could involve you two role playing a doctor-patient interaction or talking about injuries/diseases etc.

I know this is a rather specific recommendation, but it would be awesome to listen to! We have a Medical Spanish Elective at the medical school I attend and I would definitely recommend this type of episode to the rest of my classmates.

Again, thanks for your great work!

Hi Szymon

We’ve considered this, but as neither of us are trained medical professionals didn’t really feel comfortable going down this route. However, you can check out https://docmolly.com/ who specialises in medical Spanish.


Thanks for the suggestion Rob!

Hi and thanks for this excellent course! You mentioned a handbook for the course – where do I find this?

Hi Leigh

Sorry to miss this earlier – which course are you referring to?

I just wanted to congratulate you on the New Year’s resolution to take your Spanish to the highest level.
I, too, have made a resolution – I’m going to watch the 3 seasons of Merli with Spanish subtitles.
And not just watch but try and understand and imitate the language.
I have already started but I have found something I was not expecting.
I have discovered, for the first time, how crude and vulgar the daily spoken Spanish can be.
I knew that the Spanish were very direct but it’s almost as if they do not believe in language registers?
What do you think about that?

Hi Marek
Congrats on your resolution! I haven’t heard of Merli – do you recommend it?
Yes, Spanish can sound quite vulgar when literally translated to English. However, we need to bear in mind that it doesn’t sound so crude to them. There are some interesting cultural comparisons between swear-words between different Spanish cultures. Words in Spain which are used all the time can be incredibly rude in Colombia, for example, and vice versa.
In our upcoming advanced series we go deep into some of the cultural comparisons 🙂

Really enjoying the intermediate podcasts thanks Rob and Liz!! I hope you continue doing them. I listen to them at work, and when I’m jogging. Interesting topics and you talk at the perfect speed for me to follow. My partner is Venezuelan, I’m trying to perfect my spanish, his parents don’t speak any english, which is good for me as it forces me to improve! Keep it up! Louise in Brighton 🙂

I’ve enjoyed your podcasts and purchased a premium membership because of it. My issue now, however, is that I can no longer access the podcasts via my podcast app, which is how I would listen to them previously. I followed the instructions online and went to iTunes to open stream but itunes is not accepting my spanish obsessed password. I’ve logged in on multiple computers with no problem so I’m 100% sure that I’m using the correct username and password, so not sure what the issue is. All this to say that I liked it better when it wasn’t so difficult to gain access. I don’t have space on my phone to download everything so I can no longer listen while jogging. The convenience of it was what I enjoyed most. Please let me know if others have encountered this issue.

Hi Naya

Could you try one more time? Hopefully it is working for you now.

I appreciate it’s not as convenient to listen to our premium materials on itunes vs the free materials. However, this is the only way that I know of to make premium podcasts available via itunes (when it works…) – I would gladly accept any suggestions to make this easier for people!


I have found a lot of their content on Spotify and listen to this whilst jogging?

Hi Rob, I am really enjoying your course. Just finished the vocabulary course and am trying to figure out how to get this content into Anki for further study. I now have the app on my MacBookPro and see 3 options – get shared, create deck, import file. Since you mentioned in the course that the vocabulary words would be available via Spanish Obsessed I assume options “get shared “ or “import file” would be available. However, I can’t figure out where to find these on your website. I looked in download section but don’t see a vocabulary course option. Can you help me find them? Thanks.

Hi Judy

Sorry not to get back to you sooner.

The Anki downloads are available in the Vocabulary Course, if you choose to download the whole file (just head over to the course and you should see the option). The files are available there, but I will also add them to the downloads section in the account area.

Thanks, and glad you are enjoying the course!


Thank you. I found them in the Vocabulary Course download.

Hello. I have greatly enjoyed listening to the whole Advanced Spanish 1 podcast set (multiple times each) during my morning/afternoon commutes through Stitcher. I don’t see the Advanced Spanish 2 podcasts on there yet. Will they be available on Stitcher soon? If not, is there another podcast streaming service they are available through? Thanks.

Our premium podcasts are not available on podcast streamers. However, you can download the series to listen to out-and-about.

Bo Sebastian
2nd June 2019 8:54 pm

I get confused when Lis uses aquello in her conversations. I’m not sure why she uses aquello, as in Podcast (tiempo libre) “entonces, cuentanos lo que haces en tu tiempo libre” is what I would think it would be.. But she uses aquello. I don’t know that I have ever had explained when to use aquello except for when an object is far away… (Is this distance in time?) Thanks, Bo Sebastian.. Please email answer if you can to bosebastian5@gmail.com

Cuánto cuesta?
Me quiero aprender desde tenga seis anos.por favor ayu

Hello, first I would like to suggest that you post the most recent comments first, instead of the oldest as it seems newer comments might be more pertinent. My question pertains to your pronounciation program which you say you have you speaking like a native. But a native from where? I live in New Mexico. I don’t want to learn Spanish as it is spoken in Spain. I did email you about this, but received no reply. Thanks, Liz

Hi Liz

Good question – our course provides a guide for how to pronounce individual sounds (“phonemes”) in a native way, which is broadly similar across the Spanish-speaking world. We have a section on the different features of various accents, and the pronunciation “model” throughout the course is Lis, who is Colombian.
Hope that answers your question!


Unable to find the “from scratch” podcasts in spotify. Beginner,intermediate and advanced shows in spotify. Any idea why?

Hey Ragnar
I thought we’d submitted the show to Spotify, but apparently not! Thanks for letting me know, we’ve submitted it now, so hopefully it will appear soon.

Estaba tratando de comentar en la página Power Verbs – Dar” pero el comentario no parace. Traté de comentar dos veces y nada parece, el comentario solo desaparece.

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