Spanish from Scratch course

Spanish from Scratch

After releasing a few beginners podcasts, we realised that even these assumed some level of Spanish. So, we decided to record a series for complete, total beginners, who have never studied Spanish before. This is Spanish from scratch! We take you from complete beginner, and over a series of bite-sized podcasts drip-feed you the Spanish you need to progress to the next level. We'll give you vocabulary for a range of situations, snippets of grammar (it's not too grammar heavy - we teach you what you need, when you need it), and pronunciation. We also give you the Spanish slang and lingo that's really used, so you can impress when you're abroad!

However, you need to do your bit too! Help us to help you - spend some time memorising the phrases and vocabulary we give you, and leave some time between podcasts. We pack quite a lot of information into each one, so you may need repeated listens. Enjoy, and we'll see you in the recordings!

Spanish from Scratch 4


Learn how to conjugate regular verbs and ask questions.

Today, we’re going to talk about… interviews! Rob’s going to interview Liz, and ask some questions about her life! You’ll learn how to ask questions, and how to conjugate some simple regular verbs. In our conversation below, Rob is interviewing Liz:

Rob Hola Liz, ¿qué más? Hi Liz, how are you?
Liz Bien, bien y tú ¿cómo vas? Fine, and you?
Rob Super! Liz, ¿dónde vives? Super! Liz, where do you live?
Liz Vivo en Londres, y tú, ¿dónde vives? I live in London. And you, where do you live?
Rob Yo también vivo en Londres. Te gusta Londres? I also live in London. Do you like London?

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Spanish from Scratch 3


Join Rob and Liz in a cafe! We teach you a few phrases that you can use order like a native in a cafe or restaurant.

Memorisation tips More memorisation tips


Welcome to our third podcast in the beginner’s from scratch series. We hope you’ve done your homework, and memorised all of the phrases from the last couple of weeks! If you haven’t, then check out a couple of articles below this podcast for techniques to make this easier for yourself.

So, today, Liz and I would like to buy you a coffee! We’re going to talk about a couple of ways you can say that you want something, as well as what to expect in a typical Spanish bar or cafe, as well as a Colombian one if you feel a bit more adventurous! As always, don’t forget to check the accompanying materials below this podcast, and do let usknow your thoughts in the comments section as well.

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Spanish from Scratch 2

Learn how to ask people about their interests, and say what you like and don't like!

Here is this episode's conversation:

Hola Liz, ¿qué más?

Hola Rob, muy bien, gracias, y tú ¿cómo estás?

Super, ¡gracias!

Rob, ¿qué te gusta hacer en el tiempo libre?

Me gusta ver la tele, también me gusta correr. Y a ti, ¿qué te gusta?

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Spanish from Scratch 1

Welcome to our first episode! Hola!

Here are the phrases for you to repeat and memorise:

Hola, eres Liz?

Sí, soy Liz, eres Juan?

No, no soy Juan, soy Rob!

Ah, lo siento! Mucho gusto!

Un placer! Como estas?

Muy bien, gracias. Y tú?


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