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Starting again in Spain

Meet Mick. Mick did what many people dream of, and left England to start a new life in Valencia, Spain. Being old friends from Valencia, we went to visit Mick and his family in their lovely country-side villa to the north of the city. Mick completed a one year Erasmus course in Salamanca in 2006, which […]

A (very short) linguistic history of Spanish

Every language has evolved other languages, and Spanish is no exception. From its roots as a Vulgar Latin dialect in Castilla to its current status as a global language, Spanish has been heavily influenced throughout its history by many other languages. Modern-day Spanish is a fascinating reflection of a multitude cultures and histories, from ancient Greek to English (and even Hungarian!).

Celebrating Cervantes

Forensic scientists believe they have found the tomb of Cervantes, nearly 400 years after his death. According to a BBC article, the celebrated author of Don Quixote was found buried with his wife, although they say they will have a hard time figuring out which remains belong to him. Cervantes died in 1616, a grizzled […]

How Spanish changed my life

How Spanish changed my life

We all have different reasons for choosing to take up the beautiful Spanish language. When we first start, we often have no idea how far we will take Spanish – but maybe the question should actually be, how far will Spanish take us? Here, I share the ways in which learning Spanish has changed my life.

Falsos Amigos: False Spanish Cognates you should avoid like the plague

Falsos Amigos

“Falsos amigos”, or literally, “false friends” (also referred to as “false cognates”), are words which sound like they mean the same thing in English as in Spanish. This is the case with true cognates, such as horrible, which does in fact mean “horrible”. However, does carpeta really mean “carpet”, and is it a good idea to say that you are “embarazada” if you feel embarrassed? Read on to find out the top “falsos” amigos that you should avoid like the plague!

5 inspiring polyglots share their language learning secrets

In recent years, there have surfaced a number of “hyper-polyglots” – people who can speak a large number of languages – on YouTube and other social media. There are plenty of videos of these guys speaking 8 different languages in one conversation. Pretty impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree. Fortunately for us, they are also very forthcoming with their advice about how to learn languages.

Spanish Phrases for Tourists

Spanish phrases for tourists

So you’re off to a Spanish speaking country? Lucky you! Make sure you pack some sun-cream, plenty of towels, and our guide to Spanish phrases for tourists! We’ve no idea what you’ll be doing of course, but hopefully you can find a use for our fine collection of phrases below.

Why I won’t be using CatAcademy

From the folks at Memrise comes a new Spanish learning app, CatAcademy. With the tagline “Helping humans to be less dumb”, CatAcademy uses the ever-popular cute cat meme to illustrate a range of Spanish phrases, using visual mnemonics to aid memorisation of vocabulary. I know it’s a bit of fun, but to me it perfectly illustrates a depressing slide to the lowest common denominator.

Funny Spanish Phrases and insults

Funny Spanish phrases

We are proud to present the Spanish Obsessed collection of humorous Spanish phrases. These are phrases you can use just to get a quick laugh during your Spanish conversation, or whenever you feel like lightening the mood. They’re also quite good to use with English people when you want to say something but don’t want […]

Infographic: Spanish Gender

One of the first things that we’re taught in Spanish is about gender, and it’s also one of the last things we’ll actually get right. The concept of gender is pretty alien to us English speakers, as it seems strange to us to assign a sex to not only people and animals, but also objects, […]


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