Why I won’t be using CatAcademy

From the folks at Memrise comes a new Spanish learning app, CatAcademy. With the tagline “Helping humans to be less dumb”, CatAcademy uses the ever-popular cute cat meme to illustrate a range of Spanish phrases, using visual mnemonics to aid memorisation of vocabulary. I know it’s a bit of fun, but to me it perfectly illustrates a depressing slide to the lowest common denominator.

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Spanish insults

Funny Spanish Phrases and insults

We are proud to present the Spanish Obsessed collection of humorous Spanish phrases. These are phrases you can use just to get a quick laugh during your Spanish conversation, or whenever you feel like lightening the mood. They're also quite...
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Un poema para mi hermana

Hoy quiero contarles el motivo de mi ausencia en cumbiambera. He iniciado una maestría en Derecho Internacional Comparado, aquí en la costosa ciudad de Londres, pero gracias al apoyo de mi familia, mis amigos y desde luego de Rob he podido iniciar este proyecto que había trazado desde que obtuve mi diploma como abogada en Colombia.

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Infographic: Spanish Gender

One of the first things that we’re taught in Spanish is about gender, and it’s also one of the last things we’ll actually get right. The concept of gender is pretty alien to us English speakers, as it seems strange to us to assign a sex to not only people and animals, but also objects, and any other noun. There are some good guidelines to help to understand the genders that nouns belong to, and we’ve summarised some of the most useful rules in this infographic!

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Saying you like things in Spanish, and other verbs

“Gustar” is a funny verb. When we first learn it, we equate “me gusta” with “I like” – “me gusta pizza” means “I like pizza”. Simple enough. However, this verb, and many others like it, are profoundly different to our English equivalents. They are known as “reverse construction verbs”

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How to learn Spanish quickly

How to really learn Spanish in fewer than 10 minutes a day

Let’s face it, if you’re an adult with a job, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. You’ve got all sorts of projects and plans for things that you’d like to do “one day”, but just can’t really get around to it – learn the violin, take up painting, learn Spanish… All of these ideas you have live and die in our imaginations as we just can’t find the time to do them. However, learning Spanish when you have no time is still possible, and in this article we want to show you how.

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Develop Spanish fluency

How to Break into Spanish Fluency

You probably know the feeling. You’ve been learning Spanish a decent amount of time, and you’ve got the basics – no doubt about that. You’ve studied all the tenses, have a good stock of vocabulary and you’re probably quite pleased with how your Spanish accent’s been coming along too. Then you hang out one evening with a Spanish-speaking friend, and try speaking Spanish with them a bit. You can understand everything they say, but your responses feel laboured and you can hear the mistakes you make before you even speak!

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Fueron 8 días en los que Rob y yo recorrimos hermosos lugares en la bella e histórica Italia, hablando más español que italiano y más español que inglés, sin lugar a dudas un italiano entiende el español muy bien.

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Con mucho entusiasmo y muchísima alegría, nace para spanishobsessed CUMBIAMBERA! Asi se llama este blog, en honor a la música que identifica las raíces de una Colombiana quien además de bailar, estudiar y andar por la vida, esta guerreandola en busca de oportunidades en la agitada capital de Inglaterra.

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