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Join Rob, Lis, and guests from around the world as we explore Spanish and Latin American culture, traditions, lives, and stories. We speak 100% Spanish, at native or close to native level. Over 31 episodes, you’ll hear Spanish as it’s spoken today from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, and other countries.

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Advanced Spanish overview

Advanced 31: La Gestión Urbana

Rob talks with Lis’ sister, Judith. Judith recently completed her Masters in La Gestión Urbana (Urban Management), and discusses the current global migration to cities, amongst other topics. Here’s what we cover:

  • Judith’s earliest memories of Lis
  • The global city migration
  • Gentrification around the world



Advanced 28: Job interviews

How important is the interview process for finding a job? Lis and Rob discuss their experiences in interviews in both English and Spanish, and how difficult the process can be.



Advanced 26: A very brief gastronomic tour around Spain

Continuing with Javi (and Castillian Spanish), Rob talks food – a mutually shared passion. We take a gastronomic tour around Spain, Javi gives us his opinion on English food (hint: it’s not all bad), and Rob provides some constructive criticism for Spanish restaurants!



Advanced 25: Javi de España

Meet Javi, from Valladolid in Spain. He works near London as a Spanish teacher, and in this podcast he chats with Liz about teaching in the UK, how he finds English school children, and whether he wants to go back to Spain.



Advanced 24: Nuria de España

Meet Nuria, from Alicante, Spain. Believe it or not, despite being called “Spanish Obsessed”, Nuria is the first Spanish person we’ve actually interviewed on the site! She talks to Rob about moving from Spain, and what she’s up to in London.



Advanced 23: Vanessa de Argentina

We welcome another friend to Spanish Obsessed. Meet Vanessa, who’s come to London from Argentina. She talks with Rob about her beloved country, and how she’s getting on in her new life in England!



Advanced 22: Conversación de copas y niñas

Liz takes the time to have a chat with our Mexican friend Mariana about all sorts of girly things – mainly men. What’s the difference between the Latin and European man? This, and more “relationship advice” from two Latinas.



Advanced 21: Mariana La Mexicana

We take a break in our trip to Colombia to bring you a guest podcast, with our friend Mariana, from Puerto de Veracruz, Mexico. Mariana talks with Rob about some of the stereotypes commonly held about Mexico, and how close they are to the truth.



Advanced 19: El viaje (part 1)

After nearly three years, Liz returned to Colombia to see her family. She tells us about the surprises she had lined up for them, as well as her impressions of her home country after being away for so long.



Advanced 18: Spanish in the USA

The majority of visitors to Spanish Obsessed come from the USA. We talk about the rise of Spanish in the States! However, we don’t have any first hand experience of this, so we would love to hear from our American visitors’ (or anyone else with experience in this!) opinions on the rise of Spanish in the land of opportunity!



Advanced 17: Colombia’s big weekend

Colombia just had a big weekend, with the co-incidence of its first world cup game and the second round of the general elections! Update – Colombia won both that game and the following, unfortunately England crashed out after its first two games…



Advanced 16: Clarissa

Meet Clarissa, from Venezuela. Clarissa talks to us about her time in London, and about the current situation in Venezuela. We should say that, while Clarissa is certainly passionate in her views, we have no way of verifying much of what she has said… All the same, enjoy, and keep up if you can!



Advanced 15: Conducir

We talk about driving – the differences between driving in Colombia and England (can’t be that many…!), what’s required to get a driving licence, and our dreams of a road-trip around Colombia in a jeep!



Advanced 14: La Leyenda del Dorado

We recently went to an Exhibition at the British Museum in London called “Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia”. We discuss Colombia’s indigenous roots, their production and use of gold, and the legend of El Dorado in this podcast, as well as the influence of the Spanish.



Advanced 13: La Política

We talk about the political set up in Colombia. Liz used to work in the Colombian senate, so has some good experience here! We talk about Colombian political parties, politicians, the political system, and key voting issues.



Advanced 12: Maria de Peru

We have a very special guest in Maria, from Northern Peru. Maria tells Rob and Liz about her experience as an immigrant to the UK, including the difficulties of coming to a country whose language you don’t speak, finding a job, and trying to start a new life! An inspirational story, thank you very much Maria!



Advanced 11: Travel around South America

Meet Margarita, Liz’s cousin who’s visiting us from Colombia! Margarita is very well travelled, and here she gives us her three top tips for places to visit in South America. As you can tell, she’s very enthusiastic, and Liz can hardly get a word in edge-ways!



Advanced 10: Hablar Mexicano

Liz talks to Barbara, a friend from Mexico. Barbara tells us some of the most popular Mexican slang (be careful how you use it – parental guidance advised!), as well as talking to us about her beautiful country.



Advanced 9: Paz en Colombia

To many people, Colombia still has a reputation as a dangerous, risky place to visit. Is this still true? Liz and Rob discuss danger in Colombia, and the recent peace negotiations.



Advanced 8: Salsa

In Cali, and many other parts of Colombia, people seem to carry Salsa in their blood. Liz is no exception, and here she tells us about how she grew up listening and dancing to Salsa with her sisters in Bogotá. She’s also got some tips for how to get into it if you’re new to Salsa.



Advanced 7: Holidays

It’s about time we went on holiday. Although we haven’t been on any holidays for a while, we discuss a few typical Colombian holiday choices – where do you go in a country that already has it all?!



Advanced 6: Alberto

Meet Alberto, Colombian resident of London for nearly 20 years. Having moved to England to avoid problems back home, Alberto has a fascinating story, and has formed some interesting opinions in his various years in both countries.



Advanced 5: La Rumba!

We welcome a new “invitada” to our podcast – thank you very much Stephie! Stephie talks to Rob about “La Rumba”, and how she and her friends celebrate a night out in Bogotá. Stephie lives and studies in London, so she also gives us her opinion on how the London crowd party!



Advanced 4: Sonia la Cubana

In this our latest advanced Spanish podcast, we meet Sonia, a Cuban who recently moved to England from Spain. As you’ll hear, she’s quite a personality! She tells us all about her culture, country, and experience of moving to London.



Advanced 3: Las chicas

In this episode, Lis gives Rob her golden rules to win over a girl. Also, we talk about online dating, and the state of dating in England!