Advanced Series 2: Voces Latinas

Discover different cultures and lives around the Spanish speaking world, and hear native Spanish as it’s really spoken

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Buenos días. Hoy con un invitado muy especial desde Chile y él va a inaugurar nuestros podcasts de nivel avanzado. Voy a dejarlo a él que haga la introducción de él y nos cuente quién es, un poco.


Hola a todos, mi nombre es Sebastián, yo soy de Chile, de específicamente la zona que se llama Patagonia que es el cono sur de todo Sudamérica, parte argentina y chilena, yo soy de la parte chilena. Soy profesor de español, trabajo principalmente online hace ya un par de años y ahora en estos momentos vivo en Italia porque me transferí hace más o menos unos dos años.


Dos años. ¿Qué tal ha sido el cambio?


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I’m so grateful for Spanish Obsessed! I stumbled upon this site and podcast a couple of years ago and have listened ever since. It’s a great way to absorb the beautiful Spanish language, and I love the myriad topics Rob and Lis talk about. The transcriptions are also very helpful. Through Spanish Obsessed I have relearned grammar I learned when I first started studying the language, and I have discovered new vocabulary, have learned about new cultures and places, and have picked up on very helpful grammar usage tips and rules. ¡Gracias a Rob y Lis por este podcast excelente!

Mindy B


Frequently asked questions

How is this course different?

This course contains only native Spanish speakers, ensuring completely natural Spanish which has not been altered or slowed down for learners. This is how you’ll hear Spanish speakers across the world.

What sorts of topics are in the course?

Each episode features Lis talking with a friend from somewhere in the Spanish speaking world. They compare cultures, language, and pretty much everything else, giving you a deep insight into Spanish around the world, through the eyes (and ears) of native speakers.

Why should I use this course?

Apart from being the singular best thing you can do to improve your comprehension, this course will give you insight into different variations of Spanish, and with the sophisticated transcriptions, enable you to interact with and benefit from materials beyond any other course.

How do I use this course?

You’ll gain a huge amount simply listening through this course. You’ll find over 8 hours of engaging native-level conversation. Once you are ready to go deeper, you can follow along with the transcription, check your understanding with the translations, and make comments or ask questions right within the transcript itself.

How do I get hold of this course?

You can access the first 3 episodes for free. To access the entire course, upgrade to a gold membership.

How long is this course?

The course will be around 26 episodes in total. At the time of launch, there are 17 episodes live, exlusively for our gold members.

Why can’t I buy this course separately

As the course is still being added to, we will only make it available for purchase separately once all the episodes are finished. In the meantime, gold members have full access to all episodes.

I don’t have a paypal account…?

You can still check out with your credit or debit card through paypal – you don’t need a paypal account.

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Although we’ve never met, I feel like Rob and Lis are old friends who are sharing stories over a pint at the pub. Listening to their conversations on podcast is the perfect way for me to improve my comprehension and vocabulary. It’s fun, interesting, engaging and productive. Thank you Rob and Lis!


Upper Intermediate


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