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Spanish from Scratch

The perfect course for total beginners, who are starting Spanish completely from scratch.


Beginner Spanish

Functional Spanish to help you in everyday situations, for those who have got the very basics down.


Intermediate Spanish

Slow, enjoyable, unscripted dialogue in pure Spanish, gently broadening your Spanish horizons.


Advanced Spanish

Full speed conversation with a wide variety of native speakers from all over the Spanish speaking world.


Vocabulary Course

Perfect for beginner to intermediate – learn Spanish vocabulary in the easiest, most efficient way.


Pronunciation Course

Everything there is to know about a perfect Spanish pronunciation, to help you sound more native.


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Starting again in Spain

Meet Mick. Mick did what many people dream of, and left England to start a new life in Valencia, Spain ...
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A (very short) linguistic history of Spanish

Every language has evolved other languages, and Spanish is no exception. From its roots as a Vulgar Latin dialect in ...
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Celebrating Cervantes

Forensic scientists believe they have found the tomb of Cervantes, nearly 400 years after his death. According to a BBC ...
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How Spanish changed my life

How Spanish changed my life

We all have different reasons for choosing to take up the beautiful Spanish language. When we first start, we often ...
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Falsos Amigos

Falsos Amigos: False Spanish Cognates you should avoid like the plague

"Falsos amigos", or literally, "false friends" (also referred to as "false cognates"), are words which sound like they mean the ...
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5 inspiring polyglots share their language learning secrets

In recent years, there have surfaced a number of "hyper-polyglots" - people who can speak a large number of languages ...
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Who are we?

Welcome to Spanish Obsessed, a site dedicated to helping you learn Spanish. We are Rob and Liz, from London and Colombia, and we started this site to share our passion for this incredible language and culture.

Rob’s story


I first tried to learn Spanish after deciding that I would live in Valencia for a couple of years to teach English after graduating from university. I struggled through evening classes and an intensive course when I first arrived. While steeped in the Spanish lifestyle and culture of Valencia, I tried various approaches to improving my Spanish, and stumbled my way to reasonable fluency. After a couple of years in Spain, I moved to Ecuador and Colombia for 6 months, and got to grips with not only the huge change in culture, but also the differences in Spanish.

Back in London, one night at a Salsa party I bumped into a dark-eyed Colombiana called Liz…


Liz’s story


We exchanged numbers, with Rob promising English lessons in exchange for my giving him Salsa classes – the rest is history! I had been in London for a few months to study English and further my Legal career, and several years after we still find ourselves here! I speak English now, but Rob’s Salsa still has plenty of room for improvement!

What is Spanish Obsessed?

Spanish Obsessed is a meeting of Spanish, Latin American, and English culture and language, Rob’s background in language teaching and linguistics, our shared experience in various Spanish speaking countries, and a whole load of honest, genuine Spanish communication and education. We provide a range of material for all levels in our Spanish courses.

We provide tips, tricks, and a truckload of Spanish-learning advice in our main blog. Liz also has her own Spanish blog, Cumbiambera.

We’re constantly growing this website, and continue to add new courses, podcasts, articles, and resources.

We love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment on our Contact page.

So, make yourself comfortable, pour yourself another cup of coffee, and get stuck in!

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