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Learning Spanish

Learn quickly, efficiently, and most importantly: have fun!

Learning Spanish with podcasts

We offer a range of Spanish courses, suitable for all levels from complete beginner to advanced. Each course contains a range of  engaging audio lessons and supporting materials:

  • Listen to the Spanish audio
  • Follow along with the transcript
  • Review the grammar and vocabulary
  • Test your understanding with exercises

Spanish success stories

Why learn Spanish?

A few reasons to consider

Colombian women in cartagenaCommunicate with over 400 million people

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Learn to speak Spanish, and you will open the door to cultures around the world, in 21 countries.

Strengthen and expand your brain!

Research has shown that learning a language can actually affect the structure of your brain, no matter what age you are. People who can speak more than one language have better memories, are more creative, and more mentally flexible that monolinguals.

Travel and live abroad, and expand your horizons

Speaking Spanish completely transforms your travel experience. You’ll be able to connect with the locals, won’t be afraid to order at bars and restaurants, and will be able to make friends and explore in a way you never could before!

How to learn Spanish

Our Spanish learning philosophy

how-to-study-spanish-forestLearning Spanish – really learning it – is hard, there is no doubt. In fact, most people give up after just a couple of months. Why? In our experience, the reasons are actually very simple.


There are thousands of Spanish courses, textbooks, lessons, and apps to help you learn Spanish. And many of them are very good. However, unless they make you want to keep coming back, unless they give you a sense of achievement, and that you really are making progress, it’s very hard to keep going. Motivation (and persistence) is the key to learning any language, and we’ve developed all of our courses to be as engaging and personal as possible. Over the series of lessons, you’ll get to know us very well, and will feel like you’ve made two new friends!


Much as we would like to pretend otherwise, there is no silver bullet shortcut to learning Spanish. Some ways of learning are more efficient than others, but ultimately we keep it simple. You’ll learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and everything you need to become an effective and fluent Spanish speaker in bite-sized chunks. We’ll teach you what you need, when you need it.


Communication is at the heart of any language, and if you’re not quickly speaking Spanish and using it to communicate, it’s easy to get disheartened. If you’re a beginner, we’ll aim to get you up and running with the basics as quickly as possible so that you can kick off some initial Spanish conversations. If you’re more advanced, learn new local Spanish slang, and hear native Spanish speakers talk to each other at full speed!