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Spanish from Scratch

After releasing a few beginners podcasts, we realised that even these assumed some level of Spanish. So, we decided to record a series for complete, total beginners, who have never studied Spanish before. This is Spanish from scratch! We take you from complete beginner, and over a series of bite-sized podcasts drip-feed you the Spanish you need to progress to the next level. We’ll give you vocabulary for a range of situations, snippets of grammar (it’s not too grammar heavy – we teach you what you need, when you need it), and pronunciation. We also give you the Spanish slang and lingo that’s really used, so you can impress when you’re abroad!

However, you need to do your bit too! Help us to help you – spend some time memorising the phrases and vocabulary we give you, and leave some time between podcasts. We pack quite a lot of information into each one, so you may need repeated listens. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in the recordings!