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Welcome to Spanish Obsessed, a site dedicated to helping you learn Spanish. We are Rob and Liz, from London and Colombia, and we started this site to share our passion for this incredible language. We create Spanish podcasts for four levels, from total beginner to advanced. We hope you'll find something in there whatever your level. We also share tips for learning Spanish, from techniques for more effective study, motivational articles, to tips about how to approach certain aspects of the language. So, make yourself comfortable, pour yourself another cup of coffee, and get stuck in!

Latest Blog Posts

How Spanish changed my life

How Spanish changed my life

We all have different reasons for choosing to take up the beautiful Spanish language. When we first start, we often have no idea how far we will take Spanish – but maybe the question should actually be, how far will Spanish take us? Here, I share the ways in which learning Spanish has changed my life.

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Spanish Audio

Spanish from Scratch

Spanish from Scratch

Total beginner Spanish, for people who have never studied Spanish before. Our Spanish from Scratch course gives you a thorough grounding in the Spanish fundamentals, including basic grammar, vocabulary, and a stock of phrases. Learn Spanish, from zero.

Beginner Spanish Audio

Beginner Spanish

For those who have been introduced to Spanish, and have an idea of the basics. Our beginner course aims to take you to the next level, by helping you learn the Spanish phrases and vocabulary you won't hear in the classroom!

Intermediate Spanish Audio

Intermediate Spanish

If you've been learning Spanish for a while, and are able to follow along with slower conversations, our intermediate course is the choice for you. We cover a range of topics, and speak in slow Spanish with no English, giving you deeper absorption and helping you to learn Spanish more naturally.

Advanced Spanish Audio

Advanced Spanish

This course is for you if you've been learning Spanish for a long time or have spent a lot of time with Spanish speakers. We speak only Spanish, at natural, native level speeds, and also introduce a wide range of guests from countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish Resources

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Liz's blog, in Spanish! Liz blogs about anything and everything on her mind, from the latest goings-on in Colombia to her life in London, and everything else in between. Estarás bienvenid@!